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Joe S.


I love the hooky it makes threading a hook so easy. I use it while I'm wading in the trout stream to thread my hooks, before hooky it was a nightmare trying to put a new hook on my line now it takes me seconds which gets me back to fishing quickly. Thanks to hooky no more reading glasses to thread my hooks. Thank you Hooky for making hook tying easy

Sandra A.


My husband bought this and he loves it. He never remembers to take his glasses when he goes fishing and used to spend a lot of time (and strong language) while trying to thread his hook but no more. Makes for a nicer day fishing. Well worth the money to not have the headaches of trying to thread your hook when you can't see it.

Dr. Ann L.


Hooky is a very handy fishing aid for helping you tie all kinds of knots, for almost all sizes of line, to almost all hooks and lures. Especially helpful for small, thin fishing lines and folks with weakening eyesight and finger dexterity. Hooky is great - wish I'd had a few on my rods years ago. Thank you to the inventors!

Lucy S.


Bought this at the SC sportsman classic!! If I could I would give it ten stars!! Everyone I have told wants one too!! As bad as I see, should have bought more!! Great invention!! Wish I would have thought of it first!!

Darlene E.

Wow!  Jim the Hooky will get  a lot of use! John has to help me tie on hooks. Now I will be able to do it myself! Once the ice melts on the lakes we go fishing every week! And tho I usually outfish John, I won't  have to wait for his help with hooks and will really be able to catch more! The largest trout I caught was 6 1/2 lbs and 24 inches! 

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