Proudly made in the USA!



How do you attach to pole?

  1. It snaps on to pole.
  2. You can add a drop of super glue to prevent loss from tossing pole around in boat or car.
  3. Tip:  You can attach to your cap for easy access for multiple poles.

How many sizes are there?

At present there is only one size.  It will work on most standard size 18 to one aught hooks.

Will it work on flies?

With practice you can thread a fly for fly fishing.  If the shank of the hook or fly is too short for the eyelet to lineup you can depress slightly to align for threading.

Can you tie a hook while it's in the HOOKY®

You can tie the clinch knot, improved clinch knot, and trilene.  Other knots are possible with practice.

Can you order in bulk?

Bulk orders are encouraged.  Bait shops, fishing suppliers, clubs etc. can contact us at for details.

When did it become available?

HOOKY® was introduced in January 2017 at the East Tn Fishing Show.