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image1 is a website about the best fishing hook threader on the market today.  

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Hello, this is Jimmy (left) and Stacy (right) and we are the co-founders of the best fishing hook threader that you can buy. HOOKY is a unique fishing accessory that snaps onto your fishing rod for conveinance and allows you to thread your fishing hook in seconds. If you are a avid fisherman or even a novice, you have to come the right site and found the perfect fishing accessories to make your fishing trips much more enjoyable. Please bookmark this site and visit and like our social media sites below to get regularly updated info on the Hooky and fishing in general. Also, you can reach out to us any time as we love to talk to our customers and fans. We look forward to taking to you and remember - Thread your fishing hook in seconds with the HOOKY®!

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Jiim & Stacy

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