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What is the HOOKY®?

HOOKY - The Best Fishing Hook Threader

The HOOKY is a specialty designed, patent pending, made in the USA fishing product that snaps on and attaches to your fishing rod and help you tie your hook in seconds. You can also attach it to a pen, a dowel or just use it in you hand if you like. 

How does it thread a hook in seconds?

The HOOKY is designed to snap onto and attach to many different sized fishing rods. It also has a specially designed channel on top that allows you insert the fishing hook eyelet. That same channel also allows you to run your fishing line inside the channel and though the fishing hook eyelet in seconds. 

  1. Attach the HOOKY to your rod, a pen, a dowel or just use it in your hand.
  2. Insert the fishing hook eyelet in the back side top channel and twist so the eyelet hole faces the front of the HOOKY.  
  3. Take your fishing line and run it through the other front end of the top channel and through the fishing hook eyelet hole. 
  4. Now, you can do several things.
    1. Pull the threaded fishing hook out of the Hooky and tie it. 
    2. Tie the fishing hook while it's still inside the Hooky. The Hooky gives you great control while tying fishing hooks.

How easy is it to use the HOOKY?

The HOOKY is extremely easy to use in all fishing environments. Whether you are fishing on land or on a boat, the Hooky can thread your hook in seconds and makes fishing trips much more enjoyable!

Can anyone use the HOOKY?

Almost anyone can use the HOOKY. If you can hold and cast a fishing rod you should be able to use the Hooky with no problems. It's simple and innovative design allows for very ease of use. 

Do you lose time during fishing?

If you lose time or have difficulties during fishing due to poor eye sight, dim light, cold fingers, boat rocking, wind and rain then the HOOKY is the best fishing hook threader to help with all of these. It makes your fishing trips much more enjoyable. 

Available in 3 colors...

The HOOKY is available in three colors - White, Yellow and Orange. Please email us with your color selection after you place your order via PayPal. We are only shipping 1 HOOKY per order at this time. If you need more than 1 Hooky please contact us. 

Benefits of the HOOKY®

Hook types

Best used for size 18 through 1/0 standard hooks.

Typical for catching Crappie, Trout, Bream fish and Bass.

Patent Pending

Attach to your pole , a pen, a dowel or just use it from your hand.

Place fishing hook eye in slot

Guide the line through the channel 

and lift the threaded fishing hook. 

Your ready to tie your favorite fishing knot!


Select  jigs, flies, and other lures can be threaded.

Ready to tie

Try a clinch knot or improved clinch knot for fastest way to wet your hook.


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