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Don't play hooky without a HOOKY®!  Thread fishing hooks in seconds even in cold weather, low light, wind, rain or a rocking boat. Buy yours today.  

Even professionals can use a HOOKY®

Hooky instruction video

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Thread your hook in seconds...

What is the HOOKY®?


The HOOKY®  is a  fishing product that snaps on to your fishing rod. You can also attach it to your hat, a dowel or just use it in you hand if you like.  

Do you lose time during fishing?

 If you lose time  due to poor eye sight, dim light, cold fingers, boat rocking, wind and rain then a HOOKY® can make your time fishing much more enjoyable.

Available in 3 colors...

 HOOKY® is available in three colors - White, Yellow and Orange.

Buy the whole set for one low price.



Thread your hook in seconds!

Hook types


Best used for fishing hook size 18 through 1/0 standard hooks.

Typical fishing hook for catching Crappie, Trout, Bream fish and Bass.  

Your fishing accessories not complete without a HOOKY®.

Holds securely to pole


Attach to your pole , your cap, a dowel or just use it from your hand.

Place fishing hook eye in slot


Guide the line through the channel 

and lift the threaded fishing hook. 

Your ready to tie your favorite fishing knot!



Select  jigs, flies, and other lures can be threaded.

Ready to tie


Try a clinch knot or improved clinch knot for fastest way to wet your hook.



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